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Library Policies

Collection Development Policy for Teacher Resources Center

Effective: November 27, 2006

Updated: July 10,
2012 and March 4, 2013

The Teacher Resources Center is a joint special collection of Whitaker Library and the Department of Teacher Education. It is housed in Whitaker Library and is guided by the same general mission: "to make available resources which support the curricula of the university and provide an atmosphere conducive to learning." The Teacher Resources Center has also been specifically guided by the idea that it will provide materials normally used by P-12 teachers. It is hoped that providing such materials will further enhance the instructional efforts of the Department of Teacher Education at Chowan University. The center, dedicated in 1994, honors the memory of Andrew Jackson Watkins of Henderson, North Carolina, who served as a Chowan College trustee from 1963-1976.

Materials acquired for the Teacher Resources Center may include items designed to be used by P-12 classroom teachers. Education texts which may be useful for students beyond those enrolled in Teacher 
Education, will be housed and made available in the Whitaker Library circulating collection for all students' use. Items in question may be decided upon jointly by the Director of Library Services and a representative from the Department of Teacher Education.

Items may be purchased from the Department of Teacher Education's instructional budget, by TRC endowment funds or may be donated to the Teacher Resources Center. In all cases, materials should be consistent with the Whitaker Library Statement of Purpose and Collection Development Policy, and they should be routed through Whitaker Library to be cataloged, processed, and recorded in a consistent fashion.
To continue building and maintaining the best possible collection in the Teacher Resources Center, occasional de-selection of materials may occur. Items to be removed will follow the same criteria as those added, with relevance and currency being the main factors.

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