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How To Locate Books

Click on the book's title

A screen should pop up that lists the book's: Location, Call #, and Status.

  • Location - Tells you in which section of the library the book is located. (Maps of the library are posted near the stairs on every floor.)
  • Call # - Gives you the specific address (location) of the book on the shelf. (Be sure to write down the entire call number.)
  • Status - Indicates whether the book is available or if it is checked out or otherwise unavailable.

Online Dewey Decimal Tutorials

Need help reading the call numbers?  Try this tutorial!

How to Read a Call Number

To understand the Dewey Decimal System, think of Dewey numbers as money. For example, $250.30 in the bank, is more than $250.03.  Books are placed in order from the smallest number to the lagest number.

If it helps you, add zeros to the decimal numbers. For example






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