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Understanding Dewey

The Dewey Decimal system categorizes NONFICTION books by 10 broad subject areas.

  • All Whitaker Library's nonfiction books are given a number starting with a MINIMUM of 3-digits. Example: 940.
  • The numbers that come after the first three help to identify specific topics within that main subject.
  • Subjects can usually be found in the same general area. Example: History of Europe 940, History of Asia 950.

    Dewey Chart

000 - Generalities

100 - Philosophy/ Psychology

200 - Religion

300 - Social Science/Military Education

400 - Language

500 - Science/ Math

600 - Tech / Business / Medicine

700 - Arts / Recreation /Sports

800 - Literature

900 - History / Geo


A student looking for books on basketball would find these books in the 700's or more specifically

796.32. 796=Sports .32=Basketball

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