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ENGL 102

A guide to help you write an argumentative research paper for ENGL 102 classes.

How do I know what to write about?

Tips for choosing a topic:

  1. Read or watch news stories to learn about current events.
  2. Pick a topic that you are interested in learning about.
  3. Your paper is an argument essay, therefore you need to pick a topic that has more than one point of view.


Browse or search the following databases for topic ideas:

Find background information on your topic.

Once you picked a topic, use these databases to find background information on the topic. Background information is important to help you understand the topic, but be careful that you do not make this section too long.

Find pro/ con essays for your paper.

The heart of an argumentative research paper is the evidence used to convince people of your argument. Pro/ con essays are essential for gathering the information you need to write the argument.

Find magazine and newspaper articles

Find statistics for your paper.

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