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Chowan University

How To 3D Print

Learn how to use the 3D Printer.

What is 3D printing

3D printing creates physical objects from 3D files.  Using "slicing" software you convert a 3D file into layers. The printer will read the file and lays down  horizontal layers of melted plastic called filament to create the object.

Places to get 3D Models

How to Convert Photos to 3D Models

3D Scanner Apps For Your Phone

3D hawk printing examples

3D Printed Hawk
3D Printed boat with printer
3D Printed hawk head on base
3D Printed cat with witches hat

3D Printer Pricing

The library can supply filament for $0.15/ gram with a $1.50 minimum charge and a maximum $10 charge. The product will be weighed with supports to determine the price.

If you bring your own filament the price is $2.00 per print. To schedule an appointment, fill out the 3D Print Request Form.

3D Print. Hawk on Scale

3D printed hawk weighs 37 grams at a cost of $5.55.

3D Printed boat on scale

3D printed boat weighs 12 grams and costs $1.80