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Library Services

Our Services

Whitaker Library offers many different services to help both Students and Faculty succeed at Chowan University.

Borrow Library Materials

  • Undergraduate Students: 4 Weeks
  • Fellows: Semester
  • Honors College: Semester
  • Graduate Students: Semester
  • CU Faculty: Semester
  • CU Staff: Semester
  • Friends of Whitaker Library Borrowers: 4 Weeks

Learn about the technology and equipment you can borrow from our library.

Research Services

InterLibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is the name we use for borrowing items we do not own from another library. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Does it cost to use ILL?

Students- Free

Faculty and Staff- If there is no charge by the lending library, Chowan will continue to provide Faculty and Staff materials for free. However, if there is a charge from the other library Faculty and Staff will be asked to pay the lending fee.

Course Reserves

Did your professor tell you they put a book on reserve in the library? Go to the front desk to request this book. Course reserves are usually available for 2-hour checkout and must stay in the library.

In-person library instruction

In-person instruction located in the library instruction lab or on Zoom if appropriate

When you contact me, please include information about the assignment your students are working on and learning goals you would like the library instruction class to teach.

Tutorials and videos

We can create a custom library tutorial/ module for your students.

See the following example:

We can create a custom research guide that links to library databases. You can link research guides to Blackboard to give students easy access.

See the following example:


We can create custom library instructional videos and post them on YouTube.

Reserve library space for your class

Do you want to bring your class to the library, but don't want to schedule library instruction?

Faculty can reserve any space in the library to bring their class for a visit. Please email and tell us what class you are bringing, the day and time you will come, and how many students are in the class.

3D Printer

 Chowan University students, faculty, and staff who demonstrate knowledge or prior experience with equipment or have completed the library’s 3D printing training may use the machine.

The library can supply filament for $0.15/ gram with a $1.50 minimum charge and a maximum $10 charge. The product will be weighed with supports to determine the price.

If you bring your own filament the price is $2.00 per print. To schedule an appointment, fill out the 3D Print Request Form.

Study Space

Study spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You do not need to reserve the rooms.

Computer Lab
28 computers for use finding resources and printing.
Study Rooms (2)
Personal rooms for 1- 3 people to study.
Seating Nook
Seating area to use for study or leisure reading.
Hidden in the Library Stacks
Main, Basement, Top
There are individual study desks located throughout the stacks on all three floor.
Group Study
Open area table for groups to meet. There are 6 Whiteboards available for use. If you need dry erase markers, please ask at the front desk.
Information Literacy Lab
The primary function of this room is to teach library instruction. It has 20 computers, an instructor station, a projector, and two whiteboards.
Individual Study Room (4)
Personal rooms for you to study. You can write on the glass walls with dry erase markers, they are available at the front desk.
Seating Nook
Seating area to use for study or leisure reading

Off-Campus Access

Chowan University students, faculty and staff have 24/7 access to our resources both on-campus and off-campus. To get access to the library when you leave campus, start on the A-Z Database page and select from this list the online-resource you need to search

You will see a Sign-In page. Use your Chowan email and password to login.


Whitaker Library offers 38 desktop computers and 30 laptops for students to use inside the library. In addition, the Library Information Literacy Lab is available most evenings for student use.


Scan to email is another popular tool students can use in the library.

You can scan and email a document for free!

Printers/ Copier

To print, log on to any computer in the library using your Chowan username and password.

Use your campus printing money with the library printers. Color printing is also available.

Equipment Available to Faculty & Staff

  • Laptops
  • Projectors
    • VGA Adaptor Cable
    • HDMI Adaptor Cable
    • If you are borrowing a projector from the library, please check if you need one of the adaptors.
  • Large Projection Screen
  • Small Projection Screen
  • Portable Lectern with Microphone

Request the Scan and Deliver Service

Need an article or book chapter but are unable to come to the library to pick it up? The library staff will scan the document and email it to you.

This service is for Chowan University Faculty/ Staff and Graduate Students.

Suggest Library Purchases