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Chowan University

Biology Research Guide

Find sources for biology classes.

Find literature reviews

What are literature reviews?

Author(s) perform a methodical search for original research on a specific topic, then evaluate the selected research articles.

How do I find literature reviews?

Most literature reviews are published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. You can find them by searching with the following keywords:

  • Literature review
  • Systematic review
  • Literature search

Find field guides online

Find diagnosis manuals

Find scholarly books/ monographs

Browse the library's print books on scientific topics

If you want to browse the print collection go to the basement and find the number on the spine of the book that matches the topic you want to browse. 

  • 500's: General Science
  • 570's: Life Science
  • 580's: Plants
  • 590's: Zoology
  • 610's: Medicine and Health
  • 630's: Agriculture

For assistance locating a book, please ask for help at the front desk.