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Chowan University

Bring Your Class To Our Library

Faculty can schedule library instruction or reserve the library space for your classes

Is your class preparing a research paper? Do they need help finding scholarly resources? I can work with you to develop a library instruction class to help them find resources specific to their assignment.

To Schedule Library Instruction Contact

Sarah Bonner for ENGL 102, 200 - 400 level classes, or Graduate School library instruction.

Frances Cole for CU 101 library instruction

In-person library instruction

In-person instruction located in the library instruction lab or on Zoom if appropriate

When you contact me, please include information about the assignment your students are working on and learning goals you would like the library instruction class to teach.

Tutorials and videos

We can create a custom library tutorial/ module for your students.

See the following example:

We can create a custom research guide that links to library databases. You can link research guides to Blackboard to give students easy access.

See the following example:


We can create custom library instructional videos and post them on YouTube.

Flipped classroom

We can also do a flipped classroom using videos and/or tutorials to supplement in-person instruction Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling an instruction class or having the library create a tutorial or video for you.

Director of Library Services

picture of Sarah Bonner


Sarah Bonner



Ask me about:

  • Scheduling library instruction
  • Friends of Whitaker Library
  • New resources our library should consider purchasing
  • Programs and events you would like to see in the library

CU 101 Library Instructor

picture of Frances Cole


Frances Cole



Ask me about:

  • Archives and Special Collections
  • What is new at our library
  • Donating books or other items