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Chowan University

Places to Study

Whitaker Library is designed to provide inviting spaces that meet your individual study needs.

Noise Level

Top floor-talk, main floor quiet, Basement silent
student using laptop
studying in the book stacks
using computers main floor
students in studyroom

Borrow Study Supplies

You can borrow the following supplies at the front desk:

  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Small Whiteboards
  • Colored Pencils/ Crayons
  • Calculators
Student borrowing

Find a place to study!

Study spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You do not need to reserve the rooms.

Computer Lab
28 computers for use finding resources and printing.
Study Rooms (2)
Personal rooms for 1- 3 people to study.
Seating Nook
Seating area to use for study or leisure reading.
Hidden in the Library Stacks
Main, Basement, Top
There are individual study desks located throughout the stacks on all three floor.
Group Study
Open area table for groups to meet. There are 6 Whiteboards available for use. If you need dry erase markers, please ask at the front desk.
Information Literacy Lab
The primary function of this room is to teach library instruction. It has 20 computers, an instructor station, a projector, and two whiteboards.
Individual Study Room (4)
Personal rooms for you to study. You can write on the glass walls with dry erase markers, they are available at the front desk.
Seating Nook
Seating area to use for study or leisure reading