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Chowan University

Theater & Drama Research Guide

Selected resources for theater & drama classes

Search the library's catalog for books, videos and articles

Browse the library's print books on theater and drama

If you want to browse the print collection, go to the basement and find the number on the book's spine that matches the topic you want to browse. 

  • 391's: Costume & personal appearance
  • 790's: Recreational & performing arts
  • 791's: Public performances
  • 792's: Stage presentations
  • 812's: American drama in English
  • 822's: English drama
  • 832's: German drama
  • 842's: French drama
  • 852's: Italian drama
  • 862's: Spanish drama
  • 872's: Latin dramatic poetry & drama
  • 882's: Classical Greek dramatic poetry & drama

For assistance locating a book, please ask for help at the front desk.