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Library Student Worker

Work Expectations

General Expectations

*Read e-mails multiple times a day and respond if needed.

Courtesy and Professionalism. 

The library is a place of business and study.  The library’s patrons (students, faculty, staff, and the community) are our customers, and they should be treated with courtesy and professionalism at all times. 

Always give all patrons your full attention and help them as best you can.  If you are unsure of the answer to a question, refer them to a staff member.  We never want anyone to feel ignored. NEVER turn away a patron if you cannot answer their question. 

Never leave the front area unattended

Make sure a staff member or another member of the student staff is at the front desk before you leave.

Food and Drink

Snacks and drinks are permitted within a discrete manner. Meals should be eaten before coming to work.


Do not engage in extended conversations with friends during your scheduled work time.  Lengthy personal conversations distract from your work and may bother library patrons - this includes texts and e-mail. 


Doing homework should always come secondary to your tasks in the library. Listen to music with 1 earbud instead of two will make you more approachable.  


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