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Can the public use Whitaker Library?


Public Community Access


Library Resource Stations near the public services desk will allow community members access to both library resources and the MS Office Suite of software. 

  • The primary use for these machines will be access to library resources and that need will take priority over other uses.  You may be asked to give up your station if all resource stations are full and access to library resources is desired. 
  • Printing is available from the Library Resource Station computers at the cost of 10¢ per page for B/W and 20¢ for color. Patrons will need to pay for charges prior to leaving the library.
  • Patrons are asked to turn off cell phone ringers and take all calls either in the front lobby or outside the building.  If a patron takes a call inside the library or forgets to turn his/her ringer off, politely remind them of this policy.  If they ignore you or continue to take calls inside the library, refer the matter to a librarian. 

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