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Library Student Worker

Absence Policy


You are expected to notify your immediate supervisor in the event that you will miss scheduled work time.  You are allowed to trade with another student worker no more than 6 times for the semester and are allowed no more than 2 absences for a total of 8 schedule changes.

-Don’t call in – find a replacement! 

-If you have practice, meeting, game etc. please find someone to cover your shift.

-Once the two of you agree – BOTH must email  to let us know of the change.

-Limit of (8) eight changes - pick wisely!

Unexcused Absences or No Show

1st unexcused absence –Warning.

2nd unexcused absence – Written notification and talk with immediate supervisor.

3rd unexcused absence – Termination of employment.

Emails of a personal nature, not dealing with swapping schedules, should be emailed to, your immediate supervisor.

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